50 ft Tribe Dome


This kit is for the dome only.  Add an aquaponic kit and the Tribe Dome’s can produce enough food for a small tribe of 12 approximately. Also great as a family home, large shop, aircraft hangar, gathering hall etc. Wood parts only. Hardware kits are available, but best to buy locally when possible.

Dimensions:  50 ft diameter, 25 ft. height, 1836 sq ft floor.
Struts:  30 x  A struts: 13.663′,   35  x  B struts: 15.451′
Hubs:  10 x  Hexagon,  6  x  Pentagon, 10 x  Base: 1′  diameter
Material: Kiln Dried Spruce Pine Fir

Consult local building code authorities before laying your foundation and building your dome home.


Check out our YouTube Channel to see how it’s built.


Price: $3,600.00