Micro System

The Micro Aquaponic System is perfect for any table top or counter in your home,classroom, or office.



Turn your aquarium into a food machine! Perfect for any table top or counter in your home, classroom, or office. Sets up in minutes.

Solid food grade plastic grow beds. Redwood Grid Beam adjustable frames. Adjustable to fit nearly any aquarium. Large tanks can be used with the Food Machine grow beds.

Nano: Fits up to 5 gallon or fishbowl
Small: Fits 10 gallon standard 20x10x12 (LxWxH)

Medium: Fits 20 gallon : Long 30x12x12 OR High 24 x 12 x 16 (LxWxH)
Large: Fits 30+ gallon: For Food Machine Grow Bed: 36x24x12

Aquarium not included. Available separately, but better sourced locally when possible. 

Grid-BeamRedwood Grid Beam construction ensure strength, and system parts will never turn into landfill. Easily reconstructed into other items.  Strength and sustainability that is also beautiful. 


   Micro-Mini Aquaponic-System








Check out our YouTube Channel to see how it’s built.

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