build a dome

The future has begun.


A new way to build
…and live.


Designed to be an affordable way to build extra space, or start self sufficient intentional communities.


Uses steel struts and magnetic panels to build the strongest structures known – a geodesic dome.


Freedom from endless mortgage and energy payments. Build it yourself with smart water, solar and climate control systems.

Magnetic Panels


Easily rearrange the interchangeable magnetic panels, and move windows to fit your environment and design preference.

Air Tight Insulation

The Geodesic Dome is, simply stated, the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space yet devised. American Institute of Architects

STRONG: Natures math – every strut supports each other. Withstands earthquakes and severe weather.
FAST: Goes up in a day. Portable and modular.
ECONOMICAL: Uses a third less material. Solar powered with air exchange climate control.

The future is here.

  • TIME TO BUILD: 95% LESS     5%
  • MATERIALS COST – 30% LESS     70%
  • STRENGTH: 100% BEST     100%

Experience true independence.

Use for the extra space or to live off grid.

New Dome Home coming in January 2018.

Check out our past Grow Dome project

Together We Thrive

Be Free

We invite you to experience dome life.