The Learning Dome Living School


Learning-Dome-Living-SchoolA Learning Dome Living School is a sustainable aquaponic garden, in a geodesic dome, built on the most abundant materials and sustainable technologies.

Build in your school, neighborhood, or backyard! 

  • Nature’s geometry & structure
  • Sustainable closed looped systems
  • Gardening, Aquaponics,  & Aquaculture
  • Community, Cooperation, & Creativity

Here is how it came about:

In 2012 we began home schooling our two youngest sons and something unexpected happened.  They had lots of questions about how the world works, and we didn’t have good answers. We didn’t want to teach the standard script, and pass on something we do not believe.

We decided something different should be taught, so we went to the drawing board and developed an easy to build system with the help of the online community, cohorts, friends, and family.

We learned about how folks got together after the great depression and created “The Victory Garden” – which became essential to survival in many places. Most of our grandmothers shared them- and every community had one.

What they didn’t have  was today’s Aquaponic and geodesic technologies. If they did have it – they could have grown much more food with a fraction of the resources. It could be said we are creating a Victory Dome in the same spirit of cooperation as the Victory Gardens. It symbolized a commitment to cooperating and best utilizing a communities land and resources. Looking to the future we call it the “Learning Dome.”


We built a Learning Dome to give real answers to our children’s questions.

When children ask how the world works, most adults end up describing a world that doesn’t work at all. We have too much respect for our kids future to simply teach the status quo.  They asked  how it WORKS!  not how it DOESN’T WORK!   How would you answer a question like: “WHY do we waste away our land” or “WHY do big companies own all the food, seeds and land and people are starving!?”  our answer has to be:

 “We are doing
something different NOW”



 The Learning Dome is not only an answer for our children its an answer for your children too.

Children sense a community is thriving when it is naturally working in harmony with the harvest.  It’s impossible to answer our children’s tough questions honestly – any other way than to demonstrate the action of a sustainable thriving community.”


 “You never change things by fighting the
existing reality. To change something, build a
new model that makes the existing model
obsolete.”     R. Buckminster Fuller


We are starting by getting three local farms set up with our Community Dome Shares and the Learning Dome Living School. is a fully community driven website ready to harness the power of people to create new ways of living. The Dome Kits and Aquaponic Kits will also be available and supported by our online community. 

Planned Community Dome Locations. 

Garden to Table’s 3 acre Community Garden at W Taylor and N San Pedro, San Jose, CA
Garden to Table's 3 acre Downtown Community Garden at W Taylor and N San Pedro, San Jose, CA



Loma Chiquita Farm, 5 acres at the summit of Los Gatos Mountains.

Loma Chiquita Farm, 5 acres at the summit of Los Gatos Mountains.



Team Tierra Farm, San Martin, CA

Team Tierra Farm, San Martin, CA