The Back Story

An Open Source Project for the Future


Future-of-the-FreeFor the last seven years our group has focused on projects that create better alternatives for our future. We’ve developed several sustainable products and spent lots of time promoting change at events and online. We have joined our commitment to a better future with our love of innovation and technology to create our latest and greatest development – Future of the Free.

The idea started in 2012 when planning the first year of home schooling for our young sons, ages 5 and 7. The boys had lots of questions about how our world works. We had to explain money, energy, war, poverty, jobs, taxes and so on – in a way that made sense and wouldn’t be scary to them. Answers to seemingly basic questions always required a string of explanations that showed that every aspect of our lives and relationships are governed by money – but has little to do with human needs – or logic. The result is a tremendous waste of human resources, separated families and communities – loads of pollution and toxins EVERYWHERE. The Bees are even dying off – a third are already gone!

We decided our energy should focus on creating a better future.

There has got to be a better way – especially considering that we now know that everything is truly connected. What we do and feel creates the world around us and even gives structure to water, life to electrons at a quantum level. There are energy waves that are just beginning to be understood.

When expressing to friends how we feel about all this – the rhetorical response we nearly always get is:

Well – you can’t do anything about it…

After hearing this too many times we decided something indeed should be done. As it is said: Be the change you want to see. Our current system of competition, war, and waste can be changed if we create and implement better systems. This means truly using our creative will along with the spirit of our communities to really do something different.

Do something different! 

We would start by doing something that made simple sense. Something that is founded on providing the basic human essentials. This would need to be something that discerning folks could easily recognize as worthy and easily acted upon. This system would have to be something cheap, easy, and readily duplicated. Something anyone could build that would be a solution for the basic human needs.

A Simple Solution

 A simple start is as simple as re-establishing our human connections to nature and each other. No politician, legislation, military, money or elaborate blame games can change our current conditions.

 Provide the Basics – and all else will follow…

– Food, Water, Shelter, and most importantly strong social relationships through community cooperation.

Create a real simple system to take care of our basic needs. The criteria were to develop a simple, fast, affordable, and portable system.

Building criteria were decided:

1. Use parts that are most common throughout the world

2. Use parts that could be easily substituted with functionally similar materials available locally.

3. Use parts that are free and/or cheap


Our goal is to get back to basics in the most sustainable and accessible way. Please join us.