How to Build a DIY Geodesic Dome 

Make a dome with parts found online and at your local hardware store.



  • The 12 foot magnetic dome is a legal permanent structure without permits in most places.
  • The 20 foot dome is best as a portable structure, but could be used permanently in many countries.
  • The 24 foot soft top dome with large clear sections are legal as greenhouses in most places.
  • Consult your local planning department to confirm and for information regarding permitting a permanent dome.
  • Portable foundations can be made using Tech grade engineered base rock fill and pier blocks.
  • Permanent foundations need permitting and can be designed to fit the terrain and environment.
  • Steel stakes are available as an accessory for temporary set up at festivals, camping, or events.
  • Pop up Shower with portable propane water heater
  • Movable and Portable restroom and kitchen sinks and counters
  • Small foot print and low power consuming stoves and fridge
  • Optional 4 wall restroom kit or construct on site.
  • Solar, Wind, or Hydro power
  • Lithium batteries for the smallest and lightest battery bank.
  • Lightweight & portable radiant barrier blanket insulation.
  • Portable wood burning stove.
  • Air exchange systems and natural air flow ventilation
  • Water capture from rain, air, or melting snow
  • Set up a water air capture net or rain capture container
  • Build a well packed large iceberg that will slowly melt all spring and summer
  • Tap into a well or available water source

You can do it.

What does your dome look like?

We love to see folks fulfill their quest for freedom and adventure. We invite you to share your rendition and innovations to the dome design. We look forward to seeing many dome homes pop up all over the world.

A portable dome lets you roam.

Set up complete living systems anywhere you go.

With so many options and considerations, it is always helpful to have an ally when making the move to free living. Unplugging from the matrix can be a major life changer. We are here to make sure you have the information you need to build your dome and hopefully start a new kind of community.

Portable Dome Systems

The portable dome home systems can be set up and maintained easily by anyone. We can help design the best system and floor plan for you specific setting and needs. Our goal is to build a community that will offer guidance, training, and project management.  Join Us!