Living a Lie to Borrow Our Birthright

Why whales have bent dorsal fins

It seems our current world is sort of like the movie Blackfish. Instead of being born free into an open ocean where we can live with our family groups of four generations – we are forced to do tricks for fish so we can live in a controlled boxed environment.

Why People Don’t Smile and the Ascent of Truth


With every new truth teller that emerges the cracks in the dam get bigger, thanks to folks like Edward Snowden, Woody Harrelson, and ex CIA intelligence officer Robert David Steele, author of The Open Source Everything Manifesto – Transparency, Truth, and Trust. When the celebrities and leaders of the current machine begin to tell the truth – it is damning to the status quo and the damn gets a nice new crack.

Off Grid Off Script


You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

The Back Story


We’ve joined our commitment to a better future with our love of innovation and technology to create our latest and greatest development – Future of the Free.

A New Script


The amount of books that have been written is astounding.  This bygone era of paper books is nearly past, being replaced with an online web of constant chatter and lots of daily content.  We believe this thriving dialogue could instigate some real changes in what we call “the script”. What is everyone writing and talking […]