Anyone can build a Dome! 

Get started in building a better future in your neighborhood.

Whether you build it yourself, get our kit, or just buy some of the parts you need – we are here to help. We invite the community to improve the design, add functionality, or build accessories to make the Food Machine ever better.

A Dome is designed for anyone to easily duplicate.

Certainly there are more elegant ways of designing a dome or aquaponic system. But our goal was different then most. Our design was intended to be open source and available for anyone everywhere. These were the design criteria:

  1. Use parts that are most common throughout the world
  2. Use parts that could be easily substituted with functionally similar materials available locally.
  3. Use parts that are free and/or cheap


Join our Community.

The strongest structure known.

A geodesic dome uses an arrangement of triangles in a pattern that gives the maximum strength possible using the least materials possible.

Geodesic domes provide the best protection from structural damage and injuries often caused in square structures by earthquakes and turbulent weather.

What does geodesic mean?

A geodesic line is the shortest distance between any two points on a sphere composed of flat surfaces –  known as a polyhedron. Pyramids and Prisms are polyhedrons.

The Geodesic Dome is, simply stated, the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space yet devised.
Institute of Architects

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  • Natures math – even stress load
  • Withstands storms & earthquakes
  • Stronger as the size increases

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  • Goes up in days instead of months
  • Portable and Modular
  • Source materials easily

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  • Uses a third less material
  • Quick construction saves time
  • Needs less energy and maintenance



Building squares in a round world is obsolete. 

“You never change things by fighting the 
existing reality. To change something, build a 
new model that makes the existing model 
obsolete.”     R. Buckminster Fuller

The Dome 

An all year food garden, a dome home, or both . . .



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Version 1.1.1    Changelog

  • Initial release after 6 month prototype test 
  • Aquaponic environment ready
  • Makerbot part files available
  • Shopbot files available on next release
  • Kickstarter crowd funding introduction

We are very thankful for all the information and videos shared online through folks all over the world. We truly owe the birth, development, and completion of this project to the open source community. The power of sharing and cooperating is just beginning to be realized.  see the kits

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We invite you to join us in building a better future.

An open source project for humans.

Our goal is not to sell lots of dome kits. We want everyone everywhere to build our future. We encourage anyone to duplicate our system using our parts or make modifications and inspire design changes. We intentionally made the design easy to build and modify with substitute parts. Share your creation and design ideas with our community!

Cooperation instead of competition and people before profits.



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Create a system


show me

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Build one of our kits


see products

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Do it as a group


our community



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  • Added standard tie straps as building aid and super strength
  • Changed hub design to include the Hefling notch
  • Side ventilation option added
  • Plastic cover kit developed
  • Polycarbonate panel kits designed

[/wptabcontent][wptabtitle]Documentation[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]We are currently compiling videos and preparing user instructions and documentation. Pledge your support on to get the first release by April, 2014.[/wptabcontent][/wptabs]