Solar Power

Solar Power
Geodesic Dome-Solar-Power

Original design before release of the Tesla home battery

Free Energy, Free Food, Home Free


Our Solar Cells are designed just like our Geodesic Domes – with these three criteria:

1. Use parts that are most common throughout the world

2. Use parts that could be easily substituted with functionally similar materials available locally.

3. Use parts that are free and/or cheap

Support our latest development.

We are already underway building our latest design – the Future of the Free solar cell. This is going to complete our goal of sustainable community interdependence and true independence.

These solar cells will be able to link with other solar cells to build enough power to juice a laptop, a job site,  or a an entire home. You can help hasten the open source release of the Solar Cell by pledging your support on Kickstarter.




New Tesla battery means more portability and power