Dome-at-DuskAn open source project is typically used to refer to the software development community that emerged in the early 1980’s. Open sharing has now reached far beyond the techie networks. This sub-culture has grown beyond software into every arena imaginable. Online sharing has reached epic proportions with constant creation of new content and connections. Indeed, we consider our core research and development team to be all the folks who post on YouTube and on online forums.

What can this mean for us? 

Imagine what this could mean for our future. What if everyone cooperated in the same spirit of open source sharing to solve our most pressing problems. It seems this is already happening to a degree. It could mean much more if it can take hold and get absorbed by everyone. Imagine what would happen if we stopped fiercly competing for Monopoly money and focus our collective energy on creating real solutions by utilizing the power of the worlwide web community.

We believe it is possible and have put forth our contribution here.

Please Join Us.


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