2020 Vision

2020 Vision

The polarization of the people has become poignant. Many look forward to 2020 so they can elect a new leader. Many are warily aware that the division, entrenched lobbyist, and trillions in debt will not simply dissipate. Yet there seems to be no better alternative. We see things differently. The future we foresee has nothing to do with a savior leader or government plan to get the economy straight. Our 2020 vision is based on a mass realization of simple truths, and a rejection of normalized lies. This is not truth in a philosophical sense, but one of living together in tribes – free of the trappings that separate us. The more you add to the truth the more you take from it. This means no more excusing every problem as complicated – a positive approach that does not use the blueprints of our current system. By creating instead of conceding, there is a hopeful and focused vision for new communities built from those willing to walk away from the matrix. Our latest portable and self sustaining dome home is ready to be a part of this future.

We offer our design as an open source project to help with some of our most pressing problems. We envision new towns of self sustainable and inexpensive geodesic dome homes that support a better way of living – one that offers an uncomplicated path to the basic needs of a home, food, energy, and community.  The lack of true cohesive care and mentorship has led to an epidemic in addiction, violence, racism and depression. How many mass shootings and teen suicides are needed before we accept the blaring reality we are walking. It is clearly understood that addiction like most human unrest, is caused by a lack of human connection. It is time for a system that fosters human needs instead of profiting from them.

Living with true community and communication is idealistic mumble jumble since humans are hardwired for self interest above all. Although this is the knee jerk response we are taught as our history; there is another way that does not have to be taught – since it comes naturally. It reveals itself instantly whenever we see another in need or in pain. The conditioned compartmentalization of our minds melts and humans will instinctually help each other. The response to this year’s storms is a good case in point. Our human connection can never be completely muffled by the rigid grid matrix that has been structured over the last few thousand years. Futuristic and apocalyptic science fiction films very often reflect this premise. The super powerful and scary empire is always fumbled by hope and heart. The stories we tell show the hidden truths we all understand.

We are taught to live defensively, as if it were the normal state. Constant conflict and competition create an anxious population living the Stockholm Syndrome. Thousands of years of history have proven this a very effective way to control the masses and keep power. We are convinced or mandated to accept that it is our civic duty to support organizations and institutions of every type. They are there to protect us. But so many now understand who these institutions truly serve.  We reject a world based on lies and fate born of fear. We opt to take responsibility by creating a different world daily.

We lean on an understanding of the universe’s paradigm and the significance and power of our words and feelings. Our dreams are not simply the domain of Disneyland. They are in our thought, speech, and emotional energy. You do not need an organization, politician or any middleman to send out your heart’s intent. Many stories of old are imprinted in our synapses to blind us from the beauty before us. They often strip our potent power to create reality. No more real news or fake news – only the news we create daily. Consciousness and our heart’s magnetism are the only answer to realize our power. Once we understand we are the authors, the big money media machines can no longer dictate the scripts that control our lives.  The time has come to reject the paper chains of an enslaving system.

Both left and right believe they are the smart ones with all the answers. Both are programmed with words and numbers to define themselves as separate and in constant comparison and competition with the other. All the while the bickering goes on, the present is lost and the future is usurped.  Ancestral, family and community ties are steadily becoming obsolete. Our humanity is grounded in solidarity, but is currently largely dormant under the suppression of separation. However, the clear instinctual awareness that we are one source can cut through our clouded hearts like a laser.

Instead of Art of War being on the reading list, how about the Art of Peace instead. We spend $700 million a day on bombs and warfare. Imagine if those hard earned resources went toward the future of our children. This is not complicated. It is time for attention focused on reality rather than the script that gives air to a world at war. No one wants to stop the gravy train and become an outcast by accepting this hard fact. It is time to end the incessant conversation about the sport of politics and the characters that create the dreadful storyline of the powerful and the sheeple they control. We are all powerful. No amount of big guns, bank accounts, or legislation can replace our true power to create. We all hold the universe in our mind’s eye. Everyone for president in 2020. Soul up.

The real magic of our feelings has been deadened or desperately diminished to serve the purpose of the few in power. The logic of life is replaced by a nonsensical economy based on continuous growth on a finite planet. Peace, purpose, and prosperity will spread exponentially like the nodes of a sprouting plant once we abandon the fiction we are collectively living. Most of our energy props up and supports the current state. Tomorrow’s generation can only be taught anew by witnessing a different reality than money and power over all else. Community driven and family focused activity are crucial. Respect for big banks and leaders must be replaced by respect for one’s ancestors, elders and innate wisdom.  Basic sustenance cannot be held as a short leash to one’s awareness of their true talents and contribution to the whole.

With the height of ignorance and arrogance before us – the tides will change. Once we stop repeating the lies, we can get back to the basics and beauty of real life – untainted and demented by words of separation and scarcity boxed in a model of racism, sexism, and capitalism. There is nothing honorable or respectable about accolades from the current establishment. The future has no labels and no leaders … “down with the isms and schisms.”

This is the final blog regarding our intentions. What follows will be actions and documentation of the implementation. Our 2020 vision is about the beginning of an awakening and eye opening such that we may all see more clearly. What is happening now does not reflect reality, but a programmed ideology which enriches and empowers the few while fleecing the fooled. Prisons for profit says that the system is perfect. It is the people who are bad. The problem is bad behavior or simply psychological – which can be fixed with punishment, therapy, or drugs. We reject this notion. In the near future we will begin to see the current discourse as barbarically absurd. A complete lack of realization of the light and life thriving amongst us. We are at the brink of a change in technology and human perspective. “The present is pregnant with the future”  – Voltaire. The water has just broken.

Some may say that If all this is true, then we would have a better world already.  However, the true human heart is currently buried under a lifetime of living on poison pills of the media we absorb.  We unwittingly live with constant anxiety that fuels the power of our masters. This is easily done when the basics for survival must be obtained by conforming to a failing system. There seems to be no choice. This is where our dome home project comes in. We do not believe in fighting the system, but creating a new one instead.

This assessment may be dismissed by some, especially those who benefit from the current state of affairs. However, we believe that there are many that will readily walk away from the matrix that enslaves them, and begin a new kind of living. There are still areas where new communities and townships can be formed. Most land is tied up in red tape and mandatory hooks into the polluting for profit system. These were artificially brought into control by those claiming to protect us. “What has been written by man can be unwritten.”  If you still believe in these systems, then we will not try to convince you. If you see the real world for what it is and desire to put your love and energy into something new – we welcome you to join in the creation of a new way.

Disrupting Housing- Tesla Powered Dome Home

Disrupting Housing- Tesla Powered Dome Home

It seems everything is getting disrupted these days with clever apps and new business models that harness the new digital landscape. Cheaper taxis and multitudes of ways to communicate are nice, but the status quo has yet to be shaken to it’s core. Bitcoin offers a monetary disruption, and a significant second is housing. Buying and maintaining our boxes seems to be a lifelong endeavor. We don’t believe it has to be. A little scratch of the head reveals there are lots of alternatives emerging that could end the 30 year mortgage, a paper chain commitment most folks still consider the American dream.

We’ve been pursuing a new way to build a solid inexpensive home now for nearly 2 years. At the dawn of our first prototype we got a wonderful surprise. Power is one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced on our road to a new self sustainable housing model. You’ll see our current power cell design uses old lead battery technology packed in recycling bins. Multiple units with heavy batteries are needed in our first power source plan. Everything just changed now that the new and exciting home battery was just announced by none other than Tesla.

Jeff Evanson, Tesla’s investor relations director notably revealed that CEO Elon Musk believes rivals’ batteries “suck”. So starting last year testing began with SolarCity customers in 230 houses in California, and 100 out of the state. Early reports said the battery will cost $13,000 and would be installed 1.5 feet off the ground and need about a foot of space around the perimeter. The April 30th announcement revealed a 6 inch thick wall mounted battery that is a real good looker that comes in different colors too! The cost is an affordable $3,500 for a 10kWh unit and a cheaper $3,000 version with a 7kWh capacity. Solar power is ideally stored in this beautiful clean and quiet milestone to the future.

The new battery will be available for home and large scale needs, and is capable of being controlled via smartphone or web applications, Charging happens via solar, the grid, or generators, and can feed power back to the grid. Initial beta users are reporting making $10 – $12 a month selling power back to the utility company. Now that is a nice reversal of roles. This wonderful new Tesla home battery is a perfect companion to power our portable and completely self sustainable dome homes.

The future is certainly upon us, and it is looking pretty good right about now. With changes happening so quickly, it seems our initial dreams of disrupting housing are getting closer to reality with each passing month. It seems the world is ready for the big solutions and we are excited to offer our contributions. We look forward to building our first prototype dome home powered with Tesla batteries. Soon a truly free and independent dome home community will sprout and show a clear path off the grid. The solutions are already here, we just have to reach out and grab them.


Dome Home with Tesla Battery




BEFORE: Lead Acid Batteries


Introducing an aquaponic geo-dome kit that can be easily built by anyone

Introducing an aquaponic geo-dome kit that can be easily built by anyone

What if you could provide food, shelter, and security for your family without enslaving yourself to a lifetime of debt and stress? We believe it is not only possibel, but very easy, cheap, and fun all in one.


Future of the Free is a new venture from the Santa Cruz Mountains of Silicon Valley building community bio-dome’s using aquaponics and nature’s design to create an alternate future. This project introduces a bio-dome kit that anyone can build with parts that are recycled, free, or very common and low cost. The goal was to create an alternate path to provide the necessities that many on earth seem struggling to secure.


We like to call this an open source project for humans since the goal is to create the most with the least – for the benefit of all. We used barrels, containers, and parts found everywhere for free or cheap. We used 3-D Printing technology to design, teach, and test construction. We hope to raise enough funds with our Kickstarter.com campaign so we can produce the kits quickly with a ShopBot next time.

We love to inspire the imagination towards the possibilities and power of working in harmony with nature and each other. Our focus is to accomplish our goals through community movements that demonstrate real live examples of how cooperating with nature and each other reap rewards never to be seen in the current system of competition and profit above all else. We are already working with non-profit farms to build the first community domes in Northern California. You’ll see dome raisings from Garden to Table of San Jose, Team Tierra in San Martin, and Garden of Hope in Redding.

Organic Food & Home independence is not only possible – but is now necessary considering recent droughts and revelations regarding GMO’s, pesticide use, and bees dying in mass. Aquaponic systems yields more produce using only 10% of the water as commercial growing. Super strong weather resistant solar powered domes provide the easiest to build and strongest structure known to man using only a third of the materials – per the American Institute of Architecture.

The idea started when planning the first year of home-schooling for our young sons, ages 5 and 7. The boys had lots of questions about how our world works. We had to explain money, energy, war, poverty, jobs, taxes and so on – in a way that made sense and wouldn’t be scary to them. Answers to seemingly basic questions always required a string of explanations that showed that every aspect of our lives and relationships are governed by money – but has little to do with human needs – or logic.

We asked the most basic questions to get the simplest solutions. We decided it all starts with depending on our local communities that have our same interests at heart – instead of organizations that represent the blind corporate pursuit of profits.

For the last seven years our group has focused on projects that create better alternatives for our future. We’ve developed several sustainable products like the hemp surfboard, art canvas, jeans and more through U.S. Hemp Co and Museum. We’ve spent lots of time promoting change at events and online. We’ve shifted our focus further down the road now with the successful shift of public perception towards acceptance and legalization of Industrial Cannabis (Hemp) and Medical Marijuana.

This year we’ve joined our commitment to a better future with our love of innovation and technology to create our latest and greatest development – Future of the Free. Please join us.



Off Grid Off Script

Off Grid Off Script

Once upon a time the password to all my computer accounts was “freedom”. This was a long time ago, before I knew better then to use such a simple password. It meant learning, living, and loving – and not getting tied down and trapped in a meaningless job like all the adults around. As I approached 30 I re-defined this notion based on “reality”. Everyone certainly could not be wrong about what being a responsible and valuable member of society meant. I’d never be “successful” or have my own family if I kept being a “dreamer”. So, I began pursuing my own business ventures to make the almighty dollar. 

I began spending nearly all my waking hours in hot pursuit of more money. This is what I did and did and did … and so on for about 7 years. Life passed me by, my oldest son grew up seemingly unnoticed. I had everything I needed, but certainly did not feel rich. It seemed I had nothing of real value to pass on to my kids even though I had money, This was not good. It seemed I was anchored to assets – whose  future value seemed speculative at best. I was a far cry from the freedom I initially set out to find. Yet, everyone around me told me I was on the right track.

It occurred to me that all along there was an operating system at work that had been programmed into my brain from birth. It had nothing to do with my true nature, my real inate knowledge, nor any sort of coherence or connection to the natural world. It separated happiness from the hearts reality. It took 7 years living in the coastal redwoods of Santa Cruz, California next to a river, to even begin to unravel the neural web of premises and fear programmed into my subconscious brain. It took another 7 years of abandonment of the script to clean out my cache and begin to understand a different reality.

For those non egghead types: A cache is the temporary memory in a computer that is akin to our short term memory. It seems memorization is a fixation on equating intelligence with the ability to retain “facts”. Our meritocracy is based on this, and made real by the economy god. The foundation of our “civilization” depends on this program. Interestingly, a computer will eventually crash if you don’t clear the cache. Perhaps this is why we have so many anti-anxiety and depression drugs being prescribed, and so many people snapping and committing atrocious crimes. What more evidence do we need that we are on the wrong path? Read the daily world headlines for a month and you’ll see what trajectory we are on.

This is the short version of what brought about the birth of the Future of the Free project. The point is that we believe it is time to abandon the square world we have created and get off the grid and off the current script. We believe that a completely new way of seeing the world and each other is crucially needed at this time.

The institutions that have molded our beliefs and thus our world, are being revealed as not just economic failures, but more importantly, detrimental to our home – Earth. Our greatest asset and wealth is not a number on a computer screen governed by a very tiny group with questionable motives and horrific historical tack records.

We cannot leave our children and future to the care of this system. We do not intend any sort of conflict or revolution, for this is the way of the current consciousness that we are leaving. Our true power is in our collective cooperation based on love and true intention, unhindered by the fading system of scarcity, competition, and fear.  Buckminster Fuller said it best:

“You never change things by fighting the 
existing reality.

To change something, build a 
new model that makes
the existing model 
  R. Buckminster Fuller


The Back Story

The Back Story

U.S. Hemp MuseumUS-Hemp-Co-surfboard

For the last seven years a group of family and friends and myself have been working on building a better new future. We started by opening an educational museum and built products around it to show the possibilities.  This included the hemp surfboard, artist canvases, hemp jeans, T-shirts and much more. Check it out.

This was great, but the web was changing dramatically during this time. We began getting heavily involved in online development and realized that the web was a much greater tool then surfboards and T-shirts.

A-Convenient-TruthShortly after we decided that to take advantage of the latest web technologies would be essential to spread our messages. So, we developed WebsiteWag – focused on providing web tools for everyone to use – especially non-profits.

A couple of years later we began to home school my two young sons ages five and seven. It quickly became apparent that I didn’t have any good answers to all the important questions they had about how the world works. I didn’t believe the standard script, and certainly didn’t want to pass that along.

So we went back to the drawing board. With the help of friends, family – and especially the emerging web community and knowledge base;  we were able to develop our latest and greateset project. We  joined our commitment to a better future with our love of innovation and technology to create our latest and greatest development – Future of the Free. 


The idea started when planning the first year of home schooling for my young sons Ben and Toby – ages 5 and 7.  I had to explain money, energy, war, poverty, jobs, taxes and so on – in a way that made sense and wouldn’t be scary to them. Answers to seemingly basic questions always required a string of explanations that showed that every aspect of our lives and relationships are governed by money – but has little to do with human needs – or logic! The result is a tremendous waste of human resources, separated families and communities – loads of pollution and toxins EVERYWHERE. The Bees are even dying off – a third are already gone!

Do I really want to spend my time teaching my boys how to be a so called success in such a system? Of course not. It simply did not make any sense.

There has got to be a better way! – Especially considering that we now know that everything is truly connected. What we do and feel creates the world around us and even gives structure to water, life to electrons at a quantum level and emits energy waves just beginning to be understood.

When expressing to friends how I feel about all this – the rhetorical response I nearly always get: is: 

Well – you can’t do anything about it? 

After hearing this too many times we decided something indeed should be done. Be the change you want to see Right? Our current system of competition, war, and waste simply needs to be replaced. This means truly using our creative will along with the spirit of our communities to really do something different. 

Do something different! 

We would start by doing something that made simple sense. Something that is founded on providing the basic human essentials. This would need to be something that discerning folks could easily recognize as worthy and easily acted upon. This system would have to be something cheap, easy, and readily duplicated. Something anyone could build that would be a solution for the basic human needs  

A Simple Solution

 A simple start is as simple as re-establishing our human connections to nature and each other. No politician, legislation, military or scape goating can change our current conditions.

 Provide the Basics – and all else will follow…

– Food, Water, Shelter, and most importantly strong social relationships through community cooperation.

Create a real simple system to take care of our basic needs. The criteria were to develop a simple, fast, affordable, and portable system. 

 Building criteria were decided:

1. Use parts that are most common throughout the world

2. Use parts that could be easily substituted with functionally similar materials available locally.

3. Use parts that are free and/or cheap


Our goal is to get back to basics in the most sustainable and accessible way. 

Please join us.