Living a Lie to Borrow Our Birthright

Living a Lie to Borrow Our Birthright

It is the 4th of July as this is written. Liberty flows the flags flying everywhere. The belief in freedom is America’s greatest strength. We are proud to live in a country that is a beacon of light, leading the world into a new era of human rights for all. If only this were true. If only all the recent history, politics, prisons, wars, resource privatization, bank bailouts, and continuous scandals weren’t true. If only what we were taught in school was meant to benefit us all – instead of giving credibility to a small group of controllers. If only humans were born into a world where they had an unequivocal right to land, food, and water. These are truly the basis of life, liberty, and freedom. Instead, our birthright is lent to us, with interest. This may seem blasphemous to some – but the numbers don’t lie.

These numbers are everywhere and affect everyone on earth everyday. See the numbers on your bills every month. The bare necessities that are truly human birthrights are being sold to us at ever growing prices, for the vain profit of the few. We accept this because we are taught that the economy is as natural as the weather and capitalism is synonymous with democracy and freedom. Without it we would live in a worse world then we have today – which is only conceivable if a meteor hits. They say we need banks, global corporations, and puppet leaders for order and “security”.

The numbers that govern us are presented on the screens of Wall Street that collapse regularly, but always gain huge profits for the same groups – especially if there is war. All the numbers point towards the same trajectory. We are not free – we are in an escalating state of debt, and our children will be even more so. But at least we are not starving or enslaved like so many humans on earth. So surely we must have the best system – right? Perhaps if we believe our only real choices are bad and horrific.

A recent New York Times article, “Income Inequality Is Not Rising Globally. It’s Falling.” argues everything is getting better. This comes from a “consultant of the World Bank” and a “senior scholar of a Luxembourg Income Study Center.” These are the smart folks – so surely anyone who doesn’t agree is ignoring the facts, is a radical, uneducated, or ignorant. This article argues one must look at the global picture to see how the economic numbers show success via a growing middle class (new slaves) especially in China (who needs clean air). Perhaps this has a  small semblance of truth if you take human calamity and earth’s critically injured ecosystem out of the equation. This “reasoning” is how the lies persist. Maybe some numbers do lie under coercion.

Numbers can transcend rhetoric and tell us what is really happening. It is estimated to cost $30 billion to end world hunger, while the U.S. alone spends $737 billion on defense per year. Who are we really defending? A human dies every 4 seconds of hunger. Fifty million is the number of displaced persons worldwide in 2013 according to a recent U.N. report. That’s the highest number of dislocated people since World War II. Half of the refugees are children. How about  the 57,000 kids at the U.S. border? More than a third of the bees are dead . Fourteen thousand people die of water pollution per day. Dead zones will make fish extinct in a few decades. These are the numbers that affect the real world?

These are the troublesome numbers that the world leaders would have you believe are caused by lack of money, education, or the wrong religion. They claim to help the world by privatizing all the land and resources, then lending money so we can borrow our birthright back. They claim that the masses are too ignorant to govern themselves. Consider this recent headline: “Americans Are Too Stupid For GMO Labeling, Congressional Panel Says.” This latest congressional “discussion” reads like a Monsanto play script. Years of “education” ensure we are well trained to sit down, shut up, and listen to our overseers – otherwise they could never get away with these lies.

What we truly have is a system of greedy players in a demented world monopoly game. The senators, ministers, directors, officers, czars, senior scholars – are all funded by the power profit monster. Simply follow the funding trail of organizations, foundations, and “educational” institutions that all support our destructive system. It seems our programmed perspective is used to blind us to the ever growing atrocities against humans and our home – Earth. We quarrel over a political puppet show while our birthright is held as ransom. As you check your mail for the latest debt account statement – ask yourself:  Who are we borrowing from?  Do they have a right to sell human birthrights?  Is this the legacy we want to pass on to our children? To become more than a SSI number we must reject being allocated as consumers and become responsible citizens of Earth.

It seems our current world is sort of like the movie Blackfish. Instead of being born free into an open ocean where we can live with our family groups of four generations – we are forced to do tricks for fish so we can live in a controlled boxed environment. Our offspring are born in the same pool with the same fate while the corporate owners make billions. What is presented as a wonderful show is actually enslaving powerful spiritual creatures. Most endure it, some go psychotic, most have bent dorsal fins. The whales smile, the crowd applauses, and the trainers takes a bow.

Why don’t we just walk away? Why do we refer to those responsible as “they” instead of “we”? Who are “they” – and most importantly – who are we?

Why People Don’t Smile and the Ascent of Truth

Why People Don’t Smile and the Ascent of Truth

Whenever in a public place, my eight year old son always asks me, “Why doesn’t anyone smile?”  It reminds me of when I was a child and found it ridiculous that everyone always seemed to repeat the same responses to each other. Any discussion regarding important issues always ended in conclusions like: “That’s how it’s always been,” and “You can’t beat the system,” or “This and that government/politiicans are corrupt,” and “You can’t escape death or taxes,” – or at the most optimistic, “You got to go with the flow.” This cemented belief in the inevitability of it all never seemed true to me – at all.

As I grew up and learned how the world “works” – I found myself using the same phrases to put a comfortable cap on bothersome news. This was much easier than considering that we have the freedom, ability, and responsibility to right the world’s wrongs. After all, one could not simply stand against 5000 years of human history based on millions of years of human evolution. We are bound by competition and the survival of the fittest. Most live and die at the mercy of our current economic system that is considered the pinnacle of progress.

Darwin’s Origin of Species is the bedrock of our modern paradigm, and the reason why most feel we can’t have something better. It is natural for us to compete and fight as our primary instinct after all. But in his sequel about human evolution,The Descent of Man, Darwin writes of “survival of the fittest,” only twice, but 95 times of love, 12 times of selfishness, 9 times of competition, but 92 times of moral sensitivity, and 24 times of mutuality and mutual aid.  The central role of reason is evident in that he writes 200 times of mind and brain. Why did this get left out of our school curriculum? We are barely taught to reason, but mostly to memorize preconceived perspectives and historical “facts” to support them. Alas, now there is a global brain emerging with the maturing of the internet and the continuous conversation of a new digitally connected clerisy.

For many years it seemed that flowing with the main stream was the only real option. But now there is an emerging truth, and the answer to my son’s question is clearer. Most people don’t smile because they are a river that has been dammed. The premise of competition dams us. Those who have not broken the lid of their box may see this as La La Land. Smiling is a sign of weakness and physical attributes are the most power we have. How well we can throw a ball, be sexy, or “make” money is the main measure of worth. There is however a growing realization and scientific acknowledgment of the quantum connection we have in the creation of our collective reality. This is our true power. When we all come to realize it – our civilization will become civil. A world without leaders where everyone is responsible is not a dream – but the only true reality.

Everything has now changed. With every new truth teller that emerges the cracks in the dam get bigger, thanks to folks like Edward Snowden, Woody Harrelson, and ex CIA intelligence officer Robert David Steele, author of The Open Source Everything Manifesto – Transparency, Truth, and Trust. When the celebrities and leaders of the current machine begin to tell the truth – it is damning to the status quo and the damn gets a nice new crack. Comedian Russell Brand recently called on a 50,000 person protest crowd to stage a “a peaceful, effortless, joyful revolution.” Many criticized this as naive since we all know you have to fight for what we want. Hearing someone speak off script may be difficult for some to understand, but the vibrations of truth crack the dam nonetheless. The dam will certainly fail one day, and the water will emerge with unconstrained strength.

The character Betee said it simply and brilliantly in the Hunger Games movie:  “The Quarter Quell were written in the law by man, certainly it can be unwritten.”

Off Grid Off Script

Off Grid Off Script

Once upon a time the password to all my computer accounts was “freedom”. This was a long time ago, before I knew better then to use such a simple password. It meant learning, living, and loving – and not getting tied down and trapped in a meaningless job like all the adults around. As I approached 30 I re-defined this notion based on “reality”. Everyone certainly could not be wrong about what being a responsible and valuable member of society meant. I’d never be “successful” or have my own family if I kept being a “dreamer”. So, I began pursuing my own business ventures to make the almighty dollar. 

I began spending nearly all my waking hours in hot pursuit of more money. This is what I did and did and did … and so on for about 7 years. Life passed me by, my oldest son grew up seemingly unnoticed. I had everything I needed, but certainly did not feel rich. It seemed I had nothing of real value to pass on to my kids even though I had money, This was not good. It seemed I was anchored to assets – whose  future value seemed speculative at best. I was a far cry from the freedom I initially set out to find. Yet, everyone around me told me I was on the right track.

It occurred to me that all along there was an operating system at work that had been programmed into my brain from birth. It had nothing to do with my true nature, my real inate knowledge, nor any sort of coherence or connection to the natural world. It separated happiness from the hearts reality. It took 7 years living in the coastal redwoods of Santa Cruz, California next to a river, to even begin to unravel the neural web of premises and fear programmed into my subconscious brain. It took another 7 years of abandonment of the script to clean out my cache and begin to understand a different reality.

For those non egghead types: A cache is the temporary memory in a computer that is akin to our short term memory. It seems memorization is a fixation on equating intelligence with the ability to retain “facts”. Our meritocracy is based on this, and made real by the economy god. The foundation of our “civilization” depends on this program. Interestingly, a computer will eventually crash if you don’t clear the cache. Perhaps this is why we have so many anti-anxiety and depression drugs being prescribed, and so many people snapping and committing atrocious crimes. What more evidence do we need that we are on the wrong path? Read the daily world headlines for a month and you’ll see what trajectory we are on.

This is the short version of what brought about the birth of the Future of the Free project. The point is that we believe it is time to abandon the square world we have created and get off the grid and off the current script. We believe that a completely new way of seeing the world and each other is crucially needed at this time.

The institutions that have molded our beliefs and thus our world, are being revealed as not just economic failures, but more importantly, detrimental to our home – Earth. Our greatest asset and wealth is not a number on a computer screen governed by a very tiny group with questionable motives and horrific historical tack records.

We cannot leave our children and future to the care of this system. We do not intend any sort of conflict or revolution, for this is the way of the current consciousness that we are leaving. Our true power is in our collective cooperation based on love and true intention, unhindered by the fading system of scarcity, competition, and fear.  Buckminster Fuller said it best:

“You never change things by fighting the 
existing reality.

To change something, build a 
new model that makes
the existing model 
  R. Buckminster Fuller


The Back Story

The Back Story

U.S. Hemp MuseumUS-Hemp-Co-surfboard

For the last seven years a group of family and friends and myself have been working on building a better new future. We started by opening an educational museum and built products around it to show the possibilities.  This included the hemp surfboard, artist canvases, hemp jeans, T-shirts and much more. Check it out.

This was great, but the web was changing dramatically during this time. We began getting heavily involved in online development and realized that the web was a much greater tool then surfboards and T-shirts.

A-Convenient-TruthShortly after we decided that to take advantage of the latest web technologies would be essential to spread our messages. So, we developed WebsiteWag – focused on providing web tools for everyone to use – especially non-profits.

A couple of years later we began to home school my two young sons ages five and seven. It quickly became apparent that I didn’t have any good answers to all the important questions they had about how the world works. I didn’t believe the standard script, and certainly didn’t want to pass that along.

So we went back to the drawing board. With the help of friends, family – and especially the emerging web community and knowledge base;  we were able to develop our latest and greateset project. We  joined our commitment to a better future with our love of innovation and technology to create our latest and greatest development – Future of the Free. 


The idea started when planning the first year of home schooling for my young sons Ben and Toby – ages 5 and 7.  I had to explain money, energy, war, poverty, jobs, taxes and so on – in a way that made sense and wouldn’t be scary to them. Answers to seemingly basic questions always required a string of explanations that showed that every aspect of our lives and relationships are governed by money – but has little to do with human needs – or logic! The result is a tremendous waste of human resources, separated families and communities – loads of pollution and toxins EVERYWHERE. The Bees are even dying off – a third are already gone!

Do I really want to spend my time teaching my boys how to be a so called success in such a system? Of course not. It simply did not make any sense.

There has got to be a better way! – Especially considering that we now know that everything is truly connected. What we do and feel creates the world around us and even gives structure to water, life to electrons at a quantum level and emits energy waves just beginning to be understood.

When expressing to friends how I feel about all this – the rhetorical response I nearly always get: is: 

Well – you can’t do anything about it? 

After hearing this too many times we decided something indeed should be done. Be the change you want to see Right? Our current system of competition, war, and waste simply needs to be replaced. This means truly using our creative will along with the spirit of our communities to really do something different. 

Do something different! 

We would start by doing something that made simple sense. Something that is founded on providing the basic human essentials. This would need to be something that discerning folks could easily recognize as worthy and easily acted upon. This system would have to be something cheap, easy, and readily duplicated. Something anyone could build that would be a solution for the basic human needs  

A Simple Solution

 A simple start is as simple as re-establishing our human connections to nature and each other. No politician, legislation, military or scape goating can change our current conditions.

 Provide the Basics – and all else will follow…

– Food, Water, Shelter, and most importantly strong social relationships through community cooperation.

Create a real simple system to take care of our basic needs. The criteria were to develop a simple, fast, affordable, and portable system. 

 Building criteria were decided:

1. Use parts that are most common throughout the world

2. Use parts that could be easily substituted with functionally similar materials available locally.

3. Use parts that are free and/or cheap


Our goal is to get back to basics in the most sustainable and accessible way. 

Please join us.


A New Script

A New Script

A New ScriptThe amount of books that have been written is astounding.  This bygone era of paper books is nearly past, being replaced with an online web of constant chatter and lots of daily content.  We believe this thriving dialogue could instigate some real changes in what we call “the script”.

What is everyone writing and talking about? It seems most everyone is repeating the same topics, phrases, responses, and reactions. It is work, sports, movies, politics, news – or more accurately bad news. Is someone writing this script? Is it simply our collective consciousness at work?

Either way it seems that we are the actors.  

Our current collective script is destroying the planet and causing lots of strife for the majority of people. So why do we keep acting it out – even to the detriment of health, home, and family. Even if you are in the top 1% -does it make sense to maintain the status quo? Quantum physics has recently revealed the real physical/spiritual connections we all share. There is no hiding in a gated community.

But this is not a philisophical discussion. This is simply a proposition for a new script. One that does not make excuses or justifications for injustices. A script that does not pit us against one another in constant competition, then play the blame game until we are all damned. Simply speaking, a script that focuses on our least common denominator that binds us together; cooperating to supply our families with food, water, shelter and most importantly solid family and community foundations. This is true security that doesn’t rely on a politician, legislation, and a police state for order. This means recognizing that the enemy and bad guys are the result of an absence of  basic societal structures. No NSA needed.

Living from a new script is possible. It seems to be a choice we make every moment of every day. This is how I believe the future will define freedom – the flexibility to really make your own life choices every day – without the hinderence of a script that says we need to digress to the economy script.   Here is one way to live in harmony with nature and each other -right now.  Make a Choice. 

Some may say that this is impossible and say, ” Look at history, survival of the fittest, greed is good, that is naive, it’s not economically viable, there is not enough evidence, need new legislation, the economy is headed in the right direction…”  etc etc etc.

There is that darn script again!  It’s time for a new one for sure.