A Portable Dome Home

Magnetic Panels

Rare neodymium earth magnets attach triangle panels for easy assembly. Permanently fasten with internal clamps for air tight sealing, stability and security.

Design Versatility

Panels can be moved to suit your design preference. Put your windows on the roof, front, back, or anywhere that accommodates your environment.

Strongest Structure

Geodesic domes use nature’s math and design to create simultaneous support. Each strut supports each other, similar to the engineering of honey bee hives.

Climate Control

Magnetic insulation panels create an air tight environment along with an air exchange climate control system for ultra low energy usage – perfect for solar power.

No More Bills

  • Use as an extra room to suit your needs or live in it like a Tiny House.
  • Use Solar Energy to power your dome and close the loop by using compost toilets, and grey water gardens.
  • Create a completely self sustaining community using dome homes and grow domes together.


A Beautiful and Comforting Space

Energy waves are blocked in a square shape. A full spectrum is available in the center of a dome. Feel the difference.

Sustainable and Smart

Unlike the current methods of living and energy usage, the dome home focuses on creating shelter, energy, and modern conveniences without the need for selling your soul to the bank’s, insurance companies, and utility monopolies.

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Build It Yourself

Most structures require a tedious and time consuming process to construct, and the need to hire expensive contractors. The goal is for anyone to be able to assemble a dome easily with minimal help and complications. It was designed with durability and simplicity in focus.

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Are you a square in a round world?

Live off grid or use as a backyard retreat, guest house, storage, music room, grow room and more.

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