Many alive today watched the 1960’s TV re-runs as children in the 1970’s, the neon shine of the 1980’s, the network’s News/War shows of the 1990’s on, and the global digitization of the 2000’s. Somewhere along the storyline of progress emerged a society of latch key kids, mass shootings, militarized police, continuous war, genocide, and loads of depressed folks that are desperately trying to “find themselves.”  In the pursuit of profit we’ve been persuaded to consume copious amounts of sugar, eat tortured animals with a side of poisoned produce; all while participating in an economy that desecrates earth, air, water, and soul. Despite all this progress – decades of song and cinema lament the variety of anxieties humans increasingly face. In the “First World” countries it takes 30 years to get “educated” and situated, then another 30 years of mortgage payments.  “Third World” people are outright disenfranchised slaves. It is time for a “Better World.”

We decided to discontinue our contributions to the status quo and create the most simple and inexpensive path to real freedom. We believe 30 years a slave is way too long to secure the basic needs of life. We are embarking on the building of an open source self-sustainable magnetic dome homestead. This includes a dome home kit that is super strong, ultra comfortable, and can be built in a day. Solar power, water capture, composting toilets, and grey water gardens make it a closed loop, self sustaining way of living. We are setting up our first projects in off grid areas that have abundant sun, legal water capture, and inexpensive land.

We aim to demonstrate a way to create a better world every day – instead of being a peg in a machine that is repeating the past. Our ultimate goal is to show how every action of every day can contribute to a different world. Our priceless time and attention are free and focused when we decide what world we will create every day with every breath. This is no longer Disneyland talk – but solidly apparent quantum physics. Asserting our profound influence on reality is the foundation for freedom and our most valuable currency.

Human beings are profoundly social and influenced tremendously by their environment. The latest studies in genetics show how one can become a murderous sociopath or loving person – all depending on the support and influences of childhood. Social statistics and now science – clearly confirm the epigenetic connection. The only true correctional facility is a cohesive community that cherishes everyone. This is only attainable if the basic needs of life are available for all. Our dome homestead will give a real life example of how this is easily possible – and really is a matter of choosing to live the future today.

Earth’s oldest culture – the Aborigines of Australia, believe the dream world is more real than this material world. Considering the eternal nature of love, family, and community – it seems reasonable and right. Our energy can contribute to the eternal, or obsess on the fleeting material world of fear based competition for funny money. After 30 years a slave to our current system and it’s tenets, it is clear that there is a better way than the prescribed progress.