Life 2.0: What program runs your super computer?

Life 2.0: What program runs your super computer?

My first computer class was learning DOS. It stands for Disk Operating System and was the dominating PC platform until about the year 2000. It is a simple logical language that transformed into the super computing power we have today. All graphics were very square. Even circles were jagged. Pre internet computers had all sorts of useful programs and some neat games too. But today we have supercomputers in our pocket with internet, limitless social connection, and real life games. A computer’s processor, memory, and hard drive work in the same way our brain’s cortices communicate. Our brain – powered with the heart as a power supply – is the ultimate super computer. This begs the question: What program are we running on it?

We spend our lives stuffing the brain with endless facts and images that program the brain just like any software. It happens our entire lives, from the day we are born until the day we die. We have short term memory that is like Random Access Memory (RAM), an important part of processing in a computer – and the brain too. If you don’t clear your RAM cache regularly – your computer will indeed crash eventually. We put great emphasis on memorization, counting, and categorizing, but how about clearing our cache? It seems some are starting to crash considering the daily headlines of the “new normal”.

What are these facts, figures, and beliefs? Science says they are not a reflection of what is real – on the contrary – what is real is a reflection of our collective display. What we display is bound within the boundaries of our software programs. Our education is a program of sorts for sure. Forget the past science, social studies, and economics classes – they are like DOS running and limiting a supercomputer. So what can we do? It is impossible to unplug from the main frame of society – right? This feeling of inevitability is an intrical part of the program we run on today – a virus that has attached to our supercomputer.

This virus is absolutely necessary to maintain the manifestation of the grid system we live in and support daily with our feelings, actions, and the words we give breath. The understanding and discernment of the fact that we are not just observers – but creators, can affect everyone and everything. If our program didn’t tell us we had to abide by the history of the world, that people are greedy and violent  – we might create a world where we use our supercomputer to build a new platform that works on an open source transparent model.  Let’s call it Life 2.0.

We regularly run programs to calm our spirit and give us hope. These are the music, movies, and art of life. It is time for more: Life 2.0 is a new improved operating system built with the latest features that take advantage of our awesome processor and wireless capabilities. Yes – we have a wireless modem too! In Life 2.0 we get out of the boxes we “live” in and enjoy the full range of wireless service available in a geodesic dome. If you feel like you are in a box and want out – join us.



30 Years A Slave

30 Years A Slave

Many alive today watched the 1960’s TV re-runs as children in the 1970’s, the neon shine of the 1980’s, the network’s News/War shows of the 1990’s on, and the global digitization of the 2000’s. Somewhere along the storyline of progress emerged a society of latch key kids, mass shootings, militarized police, continuous war, genocide, and loads of depressed folks that are desperately trying to “find themselves.”  In the pursuit of profit we’ve been persuaded to consume copious amounts of sugar, eat tortured animals with a side of poisoned produce; all while participating in an economy that desecrates earth, air, water, and soul. Despite all this progress – decades of song and cinema lament the variety of anxieties humans increasingly face. In the “First World” countries it takes 30 years to get “educated” and situated, then another 30 years of mortgage payments.  “Third World” people are outright disenfranchised slaves. It is time for a “Better World.”

We decided to discontinue our contributions to the status quo and create the most simple and inexpensive path to real freedom. We believe 30 years a slave is way too long to secure the basic needs of life. We are embarking on the building of an open source self-sustainable magnetic dome homestead. This includes a dome home kit that is super strong, ultra comfortable, and can be built in a day. Solar power, water capture, composting toilets, and grey water gardens make it a closed loop, self sustaining way of living. We are setting up our first projects in off grid areas that have abundant sun, legal water capture, and inexpensive land.

We aim to demonstrate a way to create a better world every day – instead of being a peg in a machine that is repeating the past. Our ultimate goal is to show how every action of every day can contribute to a different world. Our priceless time and attention are free and focused when we decide what world we will create every day with every breath. This is no longer Disneyland talk – but solidly apparent quantum physics. Asserting our profound influence on reality is the foundation for freedom and our most valuable currency.

Human beings are profoundly social and influenced tremendously by their environment. The latest studies in genetics show how one can become a murderous sociopath or loving person – all depending on the support and influences of childhood. Social statistics and now science – clearly confirm the epigenetic connection. The only true correctional facility is a cohesive community that cherishes everyone. This is only attainable if the basic needs of life are available for all. Our dome homestead will give a real life example of how this is easily possible – and really is a matter of choosing to live the future today.

Earth’s oldest culture – the Aborigines of Australia, believe the dream world is more real than this material world. Considering the eternal nature of love, family, and community – it seems reasonable and right. Our energy can contribute to the eternal, or obsess on the fleeting material world of fear based competition for funny money. After 30 years a slave to our current system and it’s tenets, it is clear that there is a better way than the prescribed progress.




Cutting Out the Middle Man

Cutting Out the Middle Man

Done-Home-HOMESTEADEveryone loves the expression, “Cut out the middle man. ”  It means having enough insight to get the most beneficial outcome. The internet has brought this sentiment to new levels. The instant abundance of information, reviews, and how-to sharing have made our world very different in just a few short years. What does this mean for our future? Does it simply mean online group deals, cool video games, and sharing photos. Is it becoming something bigger that could be game changer? 

We set out to use the power of the internet to find the best tools to demonstrate a different kind of freedom- one that is not intimately tied to the fickle economic system. Many human atrocities continue everyday due to the staunch belief that we have the best system in history. This view is accepted by nearly everyone through long held institutions that mold our perspective and control many aspects of our lives. As social creatures that inately depend on one another – it is no wonder that we hold to the current model as immovable and indisputable. We call it the real world.

What we have now is nature and survival of the fittest at work – and it has always been like this. We are at the height of progress. Forget about the many humans, animals and ecosystems struggling for survival. Everything is awesome. The market is up and economies are growing. This is the middle man’s spiel that keeps the wheels turning. Ultimately our families and communities are separated, cubified, and thus easily controlled.

We aim to break out of the box and go round instead. This means flipping our approach and working together like we know we should. We are starting by working with community gardens and by building a completely self sustaining dome home this year.  It will feature solar power, water capture, heat capture, aquaponic food domes and more. By pulling our resources together, as a group of family and friends unified – we will accomplish in one year what is supposed to take thirty years. There are no bank lords in our alternate future. In the coming months we will be documenting how it all comes together. Please stay tuned!

So who is this boogie man we call the middle man? It is what gets in the middle of what we feel instinctually in our gut, heart, and soul.  This is the same beacon that shows the bees how to make a honeycomb or navigates the flocks to precise points. What gets in the middle is certainly different for each of us. Much of our current “reality” has trained us to mute what we know for what we have been taught to believe. Some write stories, or paint, or compose as ways to create rifts in our ethos. We decided to build new ways with our hands and demonstrate a different way. We feel the unifying effects of the internet should be leveraged to our highest possibilities. is our particular lab and we invite you to visit regularly.