A New ScriptThe amount of books that have been written is astounding.  This bygone era of paper books is nearly past, being replaced with an online web of constant chatter and lots of daily content.  We believe this thriving dialogue could instigate some real changes in what we call “the script”.

What is everyone writing and talking about? It seems most everyone is repeating the same topics, phrases, responses, and reactions. It is work, sports, movies, politics, news – or more accurately bad news. Is someone writing this script? Is it simply our collective consciousness at work?

Either way it seems that we are the actors.  

Our current collective script is destroying the planet and causing lots of strife for the majority of people. So why do we keep acting it out – even to the detriment of health, home, and family. Even if you are in the top 1% -does it make sense to maintain the status quo? Quantum physics has recently revealed the real physical/spiritual connections we all share. There is no hiding in a gated community.

But this is not a philisophical discussion. This is simply a proposition for a new script. One that does not make excuses or justifications for injustices. A script that does not pit us against one another in constant competition, then play the blame game until we are all damned. Simply speaking, a script that focuses on our least common denominator that binds us together; cooperating to supply our families with food, water, shelter and most importantly solid family and community foundations. This is true security that doesn’t rely on a politician, legislation, and a police state for order. This means recognizing that the enemy and bad guys are the result of an absence of  basic societal structures. No NSA needed.

Living from a new script is possible. It seems to be a choice we make every moment of every day. This is how I believe the future will define freedom – the flexibility to really make your own life choices every day – without the hinderence of a script that says we need to digress to the economy script.   Here is one way to live in harmony with nature and each other -right now.  Make a Choice. 

Some may say that this is impossible and say, ” Look at history, survival of the fittest, greed is good, that is naive, it’s not economically viable, there is not enough evidence, need new legislation, the economy is headed in the right direction…”  etc etc etc.

There is that darn script again!  It’s time for a new one for sure.