Done-Home-HOMESTEADEveryone loves the expression, “Cut out the middle man. ”  It means having enough insight to get the most beneficial outcome. The internet has brought this sentiment to new levels. The instant abundance of information, reviews, and how-to sharing have made our world very different in just a few short years. What does this mean for our future? Does it simply mean online group deals, cool video games, and sharing photos. Is it becoming something bigger that could be game changer? 

We set out to use the power of the internet to find the best tools to demonstrate a different kind of freedom- one that is not intimately tied to the fickle economic system. Many human atrocities continue everyday due to the staunch belief that we have the best system in history. This view is accepted by nearly everyone through long held institutions that mold our perspective and control many aspects of our lives. As social creatures that inately depend on one another – it is no wonder that we hold to the current model as immovable and indisputable. We call it the real world.

What we have now is nature and survival of the fittest at work – and it has always been like this. We are at the height of progress. Forget about the many humans, animals and ecosystems struggling for survival. Everything is awesome. The market is up and economies are growing. This is the middle man’s spiel that keeps the wheels turning. Ultimately our families and communities are separated, cubified, and thus easily controlled.

We aim to break out of the box and go round instead. This means flipping our approach and working together like we know we should. We are starting by working with community gardens and by building a completely self sustaining dome home this year.  It will feature solar power, water capture, heat capture, aquaponic food domes and more. By pulling our resources together, as a group of family and friends unified – we will accomplish in one year what is supposed to take thirty years. There are no bank lords in our alternate future. In the coming months we will be documenting how it all comes together. Please stay tuned!

So who is this boogie man we call the middle man? It is what gets in the middle of what we feel instinctually in our gut, heart, and soul.  This is the same beacon that shows the bees how to make a honeycomb or navigates the flocks to precise points. What gets in the middle is certainly different for each of us. Much of our current “reality” has trained us to mute what we know for what we have been taught to believe. Some write stories, or paint, or compose as ways to create rifts in our ethos. We decided to build new ways with our hands and demonstrate a different way. We feel the unifying effects of the internet should be leveraged to our highest possibilities. is our particular lab and we invite you to visit regularly.