It is the 4th of July as this is written. Liberty flows the flags flying everywhere. The belief in freedom is America’s greatest strength. We are proud to live in a country that is a beacon of light, leading the world into a new era of human rights for all. If only this were true. If only all the recent history, politics, prisons, wars, resource privatization, bank bailouts, and continuous scandals weren’t true. If only what we were taught in school was meant to benefit us all – instead of giving credibility to a small group of controllers. If only humans were born into a world where they had an unequivocal right to land, food, and water. These are truly the basis of life, liberty, and freedom. Instead, our birthright is lent to us, with interest. This may seem blasphemous to some – but the numbers don’t lie.

These numbers are everywhere and affect everyone on earth everyday. See the numbers on your bills every month. The bare necessities that are truly human birthrights are being sold to us at ever growing prices, for the vain profit of the few. We accept this because we are taught that the economy is as natural as the weather and capitalism is synonymous with democracy and freedom. Without it we would live in a worse world then we have today – which is only conceivable if a meteor hits. They say we need banks, global corporations, and puppet leaders for order and “security”.

The numbers that govern us are presented on the screens of Wall Street that collapse regularly, but always gain huge profits for the same groups – especially if there is war. All the numbers point towards the same trajectory. We are not free – we are in an escalating state of debt, and our children will be even more so. But at least we are not starving or enslaved like so many humans on earth. So surely we must have the best system – right? Perhaps if we believe our only real choices are bad and horrific.

A recent New York Times article, “Income Inequality Is Not Rising Globally. It’s Falling.” argues everything is getting better. This comes from a “consultant of the World Bank” and a “senior scholar of a Luxembourg Income Study Center.” These are the smart folks – so surely anyone who doesn’t agree is ignoring the facts, is a radical, uneducated, or ignorant. This article argues one must look at the global picture to see how the economic numbers show success via a growing middle class (new slaves) especially in China (who needs clean air). Perhaps this has a  small semblance of truth if you take human calamity and earth’s critically injured ecosystem out of the equation. This “reasoning” is how the lies persist. Maybe some numbers do lie under coercion.

Numbers can transcend rhetoric and tell us what is really happening. It is estimated to cost $30 billion to end world hunger, while the U.S. alone spends $737 billion on defense per year. Who are we really defending? A human dies every 4 seconds of hunger. Fifty million is the number of displaced persons worldwide in 2013 according to a recent U.N. report. That’s the highest number of dislocated people since World War II. Half of the refugees are children. How about  the 57,000 kids at the U.S. border? More than a third of the bees are dead . Fourteen thousand people die of water pollution per day. Dead zones will make fish extinct in a few decades. These are the numbers that affect the real world?

These are the troublesome numbers that the world leaders would have you believe are caused by lack of money, education, or the wrong religion. They claim to help the world by privatizing all the land and resources, then lending money so we can borrow our birthright back. They claim that the masses are too ignorant to govern themselves. Consider this recent headline: “Americans Are Too Stupid For GMO Labeling, Congressional Panel Says.” This latest congressional “discussion” reads like a Monsanto play script. Years of “education” ensure we are well trained to sit down, shut up, and listen to our overseers – otherwise they could never get away with these lies.

What we truly have is a system of greedy players in a demented world monopoly game. The senators, ministers, directors, officers, czars, senior scholars – are all funded by the power profit monster. Simply follow the funding trail of organizations, foundations, and “educational” institutions that all support our destructive system. It seems our programmed perspective is used to blind us to the ever growing atrocities against humans and our home – Earth. We quarrel over a political puppet show while our birthright is held as ransom. As you check your mail for the latest debt account statement – ask yourself:  Who are we borrowing from?  Do they have a right to sell human birthrights?  Is this the legacy we want to pass on to our children? To become more than a SSI number we must reject being allocated as consumers and become responsible citizens of Earth.

It seems our current world is sort of like the movie Blackfish. Instead of being born free into an open ocean where we can live with our family groups of four generations – we are forced to do tricks for fish so we can live in a controlled boxed environment. Our offspring are born in the same pool with the same fate while the corporate owners make billions. What is presented as a wonderful show is actually enslaving powerful spiritual creatures. Most endure it, some go psychotic, most have bent dorsal fins. The whales smile, the crowd applauses, and the trainers takes a bow.

Why don’t we just walk away? Why do we refer to those responsible as “they” instead of “we”? Who are “they” – and most importantly – who are we?